Letting your property with Tate Woodburn

Three ways we can help.

  • Finding a suitable tenant
  • Rent collection
  • Full Management

Tenant finding Service

The most important three things for any Landlord are:

1. To find a tenant that will take care of the property

2. To find a tenant that will pay the rent due on time.

3. To find an agent that understands the importance of protecting their investment.

Tate Woodburn takes this handover of responsibility very seriously.  Due diligence and thorough checks are carried out so that a suitable, reliable tenant can be sourced. This tenant finding service is ideal for those Landlords that wish to manage the property themselves throughout the duration of the tenancy, but require professional assistance in sourcing the right tenant for their property.

To arrange a free valuation and discuss our fees for this service please click here or call us on 020 8870 1010.

Rent Collection Service

Some Landlords are happy to manage their properties themselves, however may not want to deal with the financial side of things.  Although measures are taken during the tenant application process to minimise issues, sometimes things occur like late payment of rent, and this is a massive worry for any Landlord.  We the agents offer a service where we take the worry away from the Landlord.  We will collect the rent from the tenant and chase any late payment on your behalf.

If this service sounds of interest please contact us on 020 8870 1010 for more information.

Full Management Service

This service will suit those that do not have the time or want the hassle of dealing with the day to day management of their property or portfolio.  We the agent will fully manage the property from finding a tenant to end of tenancy.  We will be the main point of contact, dealing with any issues that may arise, forwarding your rent to you on a monthly basis.   For more information on this service please contact us on 020 8870 1010 or click here to arrange your Free no obligation valuation.